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Decking Design - From MacInSearch LLC

Welcome to the Decking Design website. My name is Mike McCalla from Macinsearch LLC and Decking Design is the trading name of our decking business. We are based in Chicago IL USA and have been specializing in decking for the last 10 years. Our main business is the importation and distribution of timber, but in response to demand from customers we have gradully added to the range of services we offer to provide a full decking design and installation service. Please take a look at the information we have posted here which should help you plan your decking project and if you have any questions at all, please get in touch.

Why Timber Decking is Popular

Timber decking has, for a long time, been popular in sofar as beautification of gardens and homes is concerned. Decking tends to blend well with both contemporary and traditional property designs and will add value to the home. Timber decking allows the interior space of the home to be extended outside, providing additional space for dining, recreation and entertainment. Children can also use it as a safe outside area that is close to the home for recreational activities.


Ever Popular Timber Decking

Timber has always been the favorite material for building decks. Timber decking gives a more attractive look to your house and increases the living space. The deck could either be flat platform or it could have railings attached for safety and style. A canopy or roof can be built to safeguard from bright sunlight. You could get several ideas from books and internet to make a creative and unique timber decking for your home. Alternatively you can get in touch with Decking Design for a no obligation site survey and quotation (site surveys in the Chicago area only).

Hard wood decks are made from cedar wood or red wood as these woods are more durable. Many people prefer to use pressure treated woods as they are very durable, but the fact is that these woods have traces of strong chemicals which can be harmful to health. Other artificial decking materials and metal do not give your house the luxurious look of the traditional timber deck. Timber decking surely is not long lasting but it is the best way to add to the beauty of your house.

Expand Your Outdoor Area with Timber Decking

Sometimes it can be very hard for you to find a quiet place where you sit and read your book quietly while inside your house. This can even be aggravated when you have children or visitors in the house. However, if you install timber decking, things will be totally different. Timber decking can be a better option as it is durable when it is pressure-treated. This means that once you install it, it may take you a long time before you think of replacing it unless you wish to renovate and re-modify it to stay abreast with the current trends. To provide protection from the sun you should consider installing some form of shade, this could be a temporary solution such as a parasol or a semi-permanent and more stylish solution such as sun shade sails.

Depending on your personal taste, timber decks can be tailored to suit the color or style that you want. Various wood stain finishes are available to preserve the long lasting beauty of the wood, but in a color that blends in with the rest of your home and garden.